Friday, January 29, 2010

First Mentor Assignment

H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu turnaround study.

Cthulhu digital color comp for Oil painting.

My first mentor assignment was with Vincent Di Fate for the first semester of my senior year.  
The idea was to illustrate a concept of Lovcraft's famous character Cthulhu from his story "The Rise of Cthulhu", and afterward, I was to put him in his environment;  selecting a scene from the story. 


Calliopeia said...

This, somehow, reminds me of a story I read that was Lovecraftian-Sherlockian (by Neil Gaiman, even! I think it may be impossible to get better than Lovecraft-Sherlock-Gaiman.... :)), called "A Study in Emerald". I'm uncertain why, beyond the background color.

If you haven't had the chance to check it out, but would like to, you can find it here

Paul Baack said...

Interesting take on the ol' dreaming one -- I don't think anybody's done him with a mouth like that! Beautifully rendered -- the splash effect and the waves remind me of Bob Peak. Very nice job, congratulations!

(Your instructor must be a very cool guy!)

Krisse said...

Just wanted to share my interpretation of your work: click

I go to culinary school and we had to construct a centerpiece entirely out of chocolate for a class project. I did a quick google search for "cthulhu" for inspiration, found your illustration, and fell in love immediately.

Hopefully you're still doing what you love and kicking ass...and hopefully you don't mind some food dork basing her chocolate showpiece on your illustration. Cheers! :D